Calif gangster faces trial in 6-year-old's killing

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) — A gang member has been ordered to stand trial for killing a 6-year-old girl when he opened fire on a group of people at a house party, mistaking them for rival gang members.

A Riverside County Superior Court judge ordered 21-year-old Keandre Johnson to face trial Friday for the murder of 6-year-old Tiana Ricks and attempted murder of her father Tyrell Ricks Jr.

Prosecutors said the victims were in the garage of a Moreno Valley-area home on Sept. 7 when two men walked up the driveway. The gunman asked Ricks Jr. whether he belonged to a certain gang before firing shots.

Police said Johnson discussed the shooting in a recorded phone conversation with a gang member who was in custody.

The other suspect in the shooting remains at large.